Ocean House, Newport Oregon

Do you have a place you like to go that always rejuvenates you? Mine is the Pacific Ocean! No other ocean is the same for me.

There is just something about the rhythm of the Pacific that restores a sense of calm and tranquility to me. This week my friend and I ran to the Pacific Northwest coastline for some soul-centering time. I was anxious to make a return visit to a bed & breakfast my husband and I had visited last August. Reservations were made and we packed the car for another adventure!
Come with us to Ocean House. An incredibly charming home set in Newport, Oregon. It is aptly named as it sits on a beautiful stretch of Agate Beach. The house has many echos of the art deco architecture and design popular in 1937, when the original home was built. Although it has been added on to a couple of times, it retains its’ historical flavor and was even named after the first hotel in Newport, Oregon, “Ocean House”, which is now home to the US Coast Guard.

Each of the seven guest rooms are well appointed and enjoy breathtaking views of the beach and ocean. Several rooms boast different amenities such as fireplaces, luxurious bathrobes, and spa bathtubs. One even has an enclosed sun porch, perfect for viewing the waves in any kind of weather. Morning in this room with a hot cup of happiness is sublime!

The décor is beautifully done with small nods to the nautical. In the morning, imagine coming down to a large fire roaring in the common space living room and socializing with other guests and your favorite cup of something warm as you wait for Dawn, one of the innkeepers, to signal time for breakfast.

These are delightful meals guests refer to as “Sunday meals” because they are more like fare traditionally enjoyed on a lazy weekend. Menu items constantly rotate and you will experience something new each morning of your stay. Crème Brulee French Toast and Eggs Benedict are two that we enjoyed this trip. After you have enjoyed your morning meal, it is time to head down to the beach!

Meandering paths through the garden will treat you to beautiful, bright blossoms and a couple observations decks, one complete with a built in firepit. Follow the paths to the stairs. A couple of flights will bring you right to the sand. A morning walk, whether brisk or leisurely will instantly instill a sense of calm as you watch the waves roll in succession. Morning mists settle over the landscape, making it all feel like something of a beautiful dream. Go to the Ocean House website to see more pictures of this little gem. http://www.oceanhouse.com
(PS hold onto the railings as you descend the stairs. The ocean mist and rain makes these wooden stairs very slick. Don’t ask me how I came to this wise advice but trust me when I tell you, it can snap you right out of that dream you were just in!)
If you go:
If you would like to begin planning your trip to beautiful Oregon, start at Ocean House’s website here. http://www.oceanhouse.com
At Ocean House, begin your day of sightseeing with speaking to the Innkeepers, Dawn or Craig. They are very knowledgeable about the area, the best places to eat and the “must not miss” sights.
As you are traveling around, make use of visitor’s centers. People volunteer their time to help you fully appreciate all the area has to offer. Ask them about local lore as well, such fun and informative conversation! If you would like to volunteer to help in a visitor’s center, go to http://www.volunteer.gov for a variety of opportunities around the US.
In the area:
The hour drive to Florence is breathtaking! Visit Haceta Head Lighthouse and Haceta Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast (more on this in a future article.) It was a gorgeous short hike and we were rewarded with views so picturesque, I almost forgot to take a picture!

Make a point to go to The Sea Lion Caves. An elevator goes down 180 feet through the middle of rock to reach the below sea level Sea Lion Cave. You will see hundreds of sea lions barking and lounging on the rocks as the waves kept crashing into their little part of the ocean. This was a fascinating experience and, also one I had to talk myself through (don’t think of the elevator getting stuck…) I would do it over again, it was absolutely worth it!

Thor’s Well and Spouting Horn at Cape Perpetua in Yachats, Oregon are beautiful sights worth taking the time to see and right next to each other. These two places are best viewed at high tide. Thor’s Well is a highly photographed area that gives the illusion of water being sucked down into the well, when in reality it is spewing up from the ocean and then receding.

We hiked most of the trails and were rewarded with amazing scenery and bright blossoms and carpets of all things green.

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