Little America

InnStyle is about more than just structures or places to visit when traveling. It’s about memories made and memories being built. It is with that thought in mind that I bring to you Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. Little America has been a staple in my family’s photo albums and memory banks. My parents took my sister and I when we were young. I remember us talking about feeling like we were princesses. The style at that time was opulent and luxurious. As we grew up, more memories were made there as we stayed for many family owned business meetings or stockholders meetings. My husband and I had our wedding luncheon there and we continued the tradition right down to our own little grandkids. We are four generations deep, in love with this beautiful place!

Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah was built in 1955. It was built with grandeur for that time. Marble floors, crystal chandeliers, a sweeping staircase, and large open fireplaces in the main lobby and second floor sitting area. The décor has changed through the years, most markedly in 2014, as a more contemporary style was introduced . However, the elegance of the hotel remains intact. In 2001, Grand America opened its’ doors across the street and it is definitely grand! While it is truly a gorgeous building, and we have enjoyed our stays there from time to time, my heart remains at Little America.
Walking into the hotel, you will be immediately welcomed by kind doormen and beautiful brass doors. Once inside, notice the ever present fresh floral beneath an imposing chandelier. The people at the front desk let you know they are there to help provide a most relaxing stay. The hotel boasts several clothing and sundry shops, one upscale dining room and a comparatively casual coffee shop. The cafe is one of my favorite places and it retains the elegance of the rest of the property. Notice the wall size black and white photos of the original coffee shop and downtown Salt Lake City. Take the time to read the placards, they are an interesting bit of Utah history.



There is also an indoor pool, outdoor pool, jacuzzi, state of the art fitness room, and a beautiful locker/dressing room with marble showers for convenience. The rooms range from a motel-like room, to a larger room called a “Garden room” to the luxurious “Tower Suites”. All of the rooms, from smallest to largest are equipped with flat screen tvs and cable and are tastefully decorated and comfortable. The garden rooms have large oval soaking tubs and beautiful furnishings and draperies that reflect a sophisticated garden theme. The tower rooms have bathroom suites attached to the room by french doors, and include  a marble shower and soaking tub.




The room is decorated in the new contemporary style adopted in 2014 and is very spacious and comfortable. All of the beds in the tower are a pillowtop paired with luxurious feather pillows. Their room service for any meal is superb!

Many families have wonderful memories made in this special place. Little America loves to hear about them and have recently provided a place on their website to leave personal stories. They also have their own hashtag as part of the “share your memories movement”. Now it’s your turn to visit Little America, maybe even make some memories of your own! I would love to hear your experience! #LittleAmericaMemories.

If You Go:
Call the Hotel direct and ask for New Reservations Desk @ (801)596-5700
or go to their website
Ask for the discounted parking to be added to your room if you have a vehicle to park.

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