Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s the day before Thanksgiving at Legacy Cottage and we have guests checking in tomorrow evening. I always enjoy preparing for guests, but the holidays just seem to add an extra layer of “cozy”!

Candles are burning, goodies are baking, and the obligatory Hallmark movie is playing in the background. I am not what I would call a “holiday purist”, meaning I may break out Christmas long before Thanksgiving. My Christmas tree has gone up as soon as November 1st and as late as the week before Christmas. This year, I’m trying to wait until our guests have checked out to haul out the Christmas bins, but, oh…I’m struggling to be patient! However, the Christmas movies have been part of my days for a few weeks now.

As my oven is working overtime, I thought I would list a few of my favorite Christmas movies just for you, only a few are Hallmark! 😉

These are in no particular order, as I could never choose.

White Christmas

Holiday Inn

Christmas in Connecticut (old and new)

Snowball Express (a goofy and loveable, old Disney movie.

Christmas Cottage (Hallmark)

My Christmas Inn (Hallmark)

Last Vermont Christmas (Hallmark)

As I look through this list, I realize there is a common thread. They all seem to include an Inn, Lodge, or Bed and Breakfast! Well, I guess that shouldn’t really be a surprise to any of us, should it? What are the Christmas movies you most enjoy wrapping gifts and baking to? Let’s see your list!





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