Gibson Mansion

Restored homes speak to my soul, touring through once forgotten and neglected corridors, I can almost feel the stories the walls hold. A restored home seems to stand taller and prouder with the quiet dignity of lifetimes of experience. Gibson Mansion located in Missioula, Montana is one such place. It was built in 1903 by Gustave Peterson, a Swedish immigrant and pharmacist and was designed by local architect A.J. Gibson. The owners, Tom and Nancy Malikie went through the home and added bathrooms to each suite and lovingly provided detailed updating while respecting the time period and grace of the Mansion. These details can be seen everywhere, from the inlaid parquet floor to the stained glass windows, chandeliers, solid oak staircase, and period pieces used throughout the luxurious home. Upon arrival you will be greeted by a warm fire in the cold months and breathtaking beauty of a well loved home.





Breakfast at Gibson Mansion is an experience you will long remember and very well may be the reason for your return. It begins with “tray service” consisting of coffee and/or a delightful selection of local teas accompanied by warm, homemade scones crowned with crystals of sugar. This tray of culinary happiness is delivered to your room at a time of your choosing. Once you have awoken as royalty would, and readied yourself for the day, you go to the dining room where the rest of your breakfast waits for you. The day we were there, we were treated to warm, sectioned grapefruit, an orange soufflé topped with fresh strawberries, a delicious chicken sausage, and half an English muffin with fresh jam. We leisurely enjoyed our meal and chatted with some of the guests as they came and went, since we all were able to choose our own breakfast time.


Breakfast Photo Credit: Tami Burch

Just touring the home and breakfast was enough for me to enjoy my stay and look forward to my next return but there are also beautiful grounds to walk around or to be utilized for your next event. Many choose the grounds or house to be a special venue for their wedding. Gibson Mansion is centrally located in Missoula, not far from the freeway exit and only two miles from the University of Montana and Historic Downtown. For a list of community events, please check their calendar, as there is almost always something going on, even in the winter. or check  Visit Gibson Mansion and let it’s warm welcome restore YOU!

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